Providing eligible students, children of company employees and students with special needs, transport services to and from AKC to private schools located in Doha. These services are provided by a professional contractor, which is tasked to ensure students reach their school and home destinations safely.

Providing transport services for AKC residents such as shuttle service, shopping trips, transportation for medical needs and for Club's social & recreational activities, as well as for company events.

Top priority is to ensure the highest standards of safety, by using latest technical applications like GPS monitoring, etc.

Admin Building

7:30am to 3:30pm Sunday to Thursday


School Buses

We provide school buses from Al Khor Community to private schools located in Doha and buses for shopping to Doha / Al Khor
  1. The shopping services between Al Khor Community and Doha run every Thursday, Friday & Saturday through six locations in Doha (Al Fardan, Landmark, Gulf/Ezdan Mall, Doha Festival City and Mall of Qatar).
  2. Ladies Shopping Bus service every Thursday between Community and Doha (Souq Asiri).
  3. Shopping bus services from Community to Al Khor Mall.                                              

Please note bus schedules are frequently updated and posted for residents information.

Community Shuttle Buses 
  1. Two buses operate every thirty minutes transporting residents to all Community service points (Medical Center, Schools, Al Meera Supermarkets, Clubs, Admin Office, play grounds etc.) passing all bus stops.
  2. Shuttle Bus Service to Al Khor Hospital departs every thirty minutes from 8:00am to 2:00pm
Miscellaneous Bus Services

Buses are organized for a variety or internal and external sports tournaments and competitions, as well as a wide range of cultural activities & social events organized by the Clubs or any of its affiliated cultural associations.

View Shuttle and Shopping Bus Schedule 2017.pdf

  • Miscellaneous Bus Services

    Buses are organized for sports tournaments, department activities & social events organized by the Clubs, QG/RG Departments & Dar Al Arqam.