​The Security Section's main objective is to provide round-the-clock security for residents and property in and around the Community. The Section also works closely with other Community departments to maintain high standards of security and safety and coordinating with all members of the AKC team.

Located at the Admin Building

7:30am to 3:30pm Sunday to Thursday

After 3:30pm, Security Shift Supervisors at the main gates can be contacted.


Passes and Permits​

To provide the specific pass or sticker for each category of access to the Al Khor Community which are as follows:

Permanent vehicle stickers for AKC residents and their dependents   

Temporary vehicle gate pass for contractors (non-residents)

Vehicle gate passes for daily visitors

Daily visitor's foot passes

School vehicle passes for non-resident students

Traffic Control

The Section manages traffic inside AKC in line with the Community Traffic Management Policy to ensure that all motorists abide by the Community traffic rules and regulations which include​:

Speed limit of 25 km/h

Wear seat belt while driving

Not to use mobile phones while driving

Children under 12 years in the rear seat of the vehicle

Ensure that all drivers in the Community have a valid Qatari driving license

​Secure the Community

Ensure safety and security of all Community residents, contractors and visitors

Patrol Community roads & common areas

Foot patrols

Patrol the Community's perimeter walls and the external periphery

Ensure access control to all the Community's public buildings


Coordinate and interact with all AKC sections pertaining to resident issues and/or concerns

Raise incident reports and circulate to the concerned sections

Plan and organize duties and responsibilities of AKC security force

Maintain and update security rules & regulations

Give assistance and support to Community residents, visitors and contractors

Maintain day to day security activities

Get in touch

Office Address: AKC Security Section Office, Administration Building, St. 38


Call /Email us

Security Gate 2

Telephone no.




E-mail- akcgate2@qatargas.com.qa


Security Gate 1

Telephone No.





E-mail- akcgate1@qatargas.com.qa

Security Patrolling Supervisor

Telephone No.


Emergency Hotline No:      

44722600 (24/7 service)

Work Timings 24hrs