​​​​The AKC Security Safety & Environment Department provides quality, timely, and professional Fire Safety, Emergency Response and Security services to Qatargas Community. Our department adheres to national and international best practice guidelines, and our standards of practice are consistent with the regulations of Ras Laffan Industrial City (RLIC) and Qatar's Ministry of Interior regarding fire hazard precautions and security. We work closely and collaboratively with RLIC Fire and Rescue Department and RLIC Industrial Security Department to protect Qatargas properties and resources from loss, theft, or damage.

Safety section ensures the safety of the residents, building facilities, AKC properties, & environment.

Safety Services

Permit To Work (PTW) for contractors/residents:

To obtain the specific PTW in Al Khor Community, approach S​afety Office in Admin Building prior to commencement of work upon approval of the respective focal section representative.

Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance Services

  • Conduct regular PPM  service for the firefighting and fire detection equipment for residential housing & common facilities.
  • Provide support or assistance in any fire safety emergency.

Call us: 4473 4558

Home Fire Safety Training

  • ​Mandatory home fire safety classes are held for AKC residents at least once in a month.      
  • ​​Registration can be done online or through Al Waha Club Reception (4473-3666/35)

Safety Inspections/Walkthrough

  • Safety inspection for all AKC common facilities, buildings, playgrounds, work sites, Clubs, School, Medical etc. including random inspection throughout the year
  • Fire drill for School, Medical Center, Residential Units, Clubs and Admin Building


  • Prepare and disseminate Safety Reminder/Alerts to AKC contractors and residents for any major events or incidents happened in AKC and other related Security, Safety and Environment incidents.
  • ​Implement safety policies and procedures associated with Al Khor Community.

​Give advice or consultation in relation to Security, Safety and Environment.

 Please contact us if you have any questions or have suggestions about how we can improve our services.

Get in touch

Office Address: AKC Safety Section Office, Administration Building, St. 38

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Call us 

Telephone no.: 4473 5731/4473 5761 (from 7.30Am – 3.30PM) Safety Services except Friday & Saturday

Emergency Hotline No: 4472-2600 (24/7 service)

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