What we do

The Landscaping section is part of the Community's Maintenance department and a contractor provides landscaping services by maintaining common green areas and front and back yards of villas. This includes irrigation, grass cutting, trimming, tree removal services, as well as regular maintenance of parks and children's playgrounds. Their main task is to keep Al Khor Community a green and environment friendly township, that gives residents the impression they are residing in an oasis.


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View Pesticides Program: April 2020 Pesticides Program.pdf

Where to find us

Admin Building



7:30am to 3:30pm Sunday to Thursday



  • Landscaping & Gardening

    The contractor provides pre-prepared standard designs including lawn area, colorful plantation, vegetable and fruit gardening, paving, stone gardening and other miscellaneous services.

  • Maintenance of Gardens

    Garden maintenance includes watering and irrigation systems, cleaning and waste disposal/dumping, improvement of soil such as digging, adding fertilizer & nutrients, interlock paving, and lawn mowing etc.

  • Plantation

    Landscaping provides information on various plants, flowers, trees, etc. as well as the planting and changing of seasonal flowers and replacement of trees as required.

  • Soil replacement

    Landscaping provides replacement of soil as required.

  • Playground Equipment Maintenance

    The landscaping department perform daily inspection of play equipment, accessories and other facilities. They also carry out regular preventive maintenance, repair, replacement & painting damaged parts of wooden benches, chairs, tables, umbrellas and pergolas etc.

  • Maintenance of Artificial Football Field

    The maintenance of artificial football fields is performed four times a year.

  • Maintenance of Artificial Fountains

    The maintenance of artificial fountains includes the cleaning and repairing the artificial waterfall, fountain, and water mill twice a month.