The Housing department as part of Community services manages over 2,800 housing units and ensures a high standard of services is provided to the 15,000 Community residents. The main objective is to make sure that the residents feel at home and are given a positive first impression.

Admin Building

Office hours 7:30am to 3:30pm Sunday to Thursday

Contact telephone: 44734555 - HelpDesk (after office hours in Emergencies 44722600)


Other Community Services

​​​Laundry Service

A private laundry service is provided by a company appointed contractor 24/7 and the laundry building is located in the D-Flat area near the transit accommodations and is intended for use by residents, whose accommodation is without washing machine.

A door-to-door Laundry/Dry Cleaning service is available to all other Community residents against payment. Please contact Mr. Jafer at 33308685 or at 44513575 from Prosafe.

View rates: Prosafe Laundry Services.pdf

Moving Service

Housing provides via a company appointed logistics company - moving services for employees (qualified by HR) shifting from location to another within Qatar. An evaluation is done of the resident's home prior to the move and the date of move is fixed between the resident and the Housing section.

Cleaning Services

The cleaning crew of our company appointed contractor ensures the cleanliness of the roads, side walks, common areas, medical center, schools, building corridors, community parks and public areas in general.

Tile Installation

The Housing section provides tiling services via Community Maintenance section for residents whose unit still has carpets and needs to be replaced with tiles.

Curtain Installation

Supply and installation of new curtains is done every five years on a "as needed" basis and is subject to an inspection, for curtains with extreme damage.

Mailroom Service

Community services provides door to door mailing service, distribution and registration. Our P.O. Box number is 22166.

Accommodation Services

All units that are occupied and taken over by residents must get prior approval from Human Resources’ of their respective company and eligible employees must set an appointment with the Housing section to move in or vacate their unit.

Transit Accommodation

The main purpose of the transit accommodation is for business purposes. It accommodates employees and contractors for company projects and training programs for short periods of time. Transit accommodation also accommodates Community residents in cases of emergency.

Key Service

The key service is provided to residents that have misplaced or lost the key to their main door.  This is a 24 hour service but not an emergency service. Detailed information regarding this service can be found on the companies' intranet or can be provided by the Housing section.

Material Pass

Material passes can only be issued during office hours from 7:30am to 3:30pm Sundays to Thursdays (not after office hours and on weekends). Those who are moving out of the Community will be provided a material pass form prior to the date of move (during unit clearance).

Furniture Disposal Service

For bulky and other heavy household items, like furniture and personal objects, please contact the Housing team to schedule the removal.

Pest Control

Regular pest control services are provided throughout the year, please see the below schedule for all housing units in the Community. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment and would like to re-schedule, contact Shankar Sarki, Pest Control Team Leader, at 50882717. For ad hoc services (stray animal and rodent removal, special pest fumigation etc.), please call 50882717. For any issues you may encounter with the AKC pest control contractor, kindly contact our Maintenance section at 44734545 or 44734507.  

View AKC Monthly Pest Control Schedule.pdf