AKC History

​​​​​​Al Khor Community

Today, Al Khor Community is undoubtedly one of the best townships in the Middle East.  Not only are residents fortunate to be living in comfort of such a vibrant, well-landscaped, secure Community with its numerous amenities, giving children the opportunity to grow up in a culturally rich environment, among a truly multicultural and multilingual populace. Currently over 13,000 residents call Al Khor Community 'Home' and is made up from more than 60 nationalities, making it a melting pot with each bringing a little of their own cultural heritage, allowing ​everyone to share and "Experience Life Differently". 

History of Al Khor Community

Under Emiri Decree in the mid 1990's, QREIC today Alaqaria was tasked to develop and built a housing complex to accommodate the pioneering employees and families of Qatargas with RasGas joining shortly afterwards. The history of the Community started in 1996 when the first housing units were opened to tenants. First occupants  were bachelor employees of Qatargas followed by families in early 1997. In the year 2001, the Community saw the first RasGas bachelors move in with families following the year after. 1999 was the year when the Community opened its first international school - 20 modified 3 bedroom apartment those days - to 300 primary students managed by DESS.

A year earlier, a temporary Medical and Dental facility was opened in residential units providing health care to an ever growing number of residents. It was also then when a group of ladies decided to establish a kindergarten type facility and a vacant villa has served for the interim period till a professionally managed facility was established.  

The Education Center opened its doors in 2001, with students following the British Curriculum moving in and the C-Flat school was handed over to serve the first students of the Indian Stream School in the Community. And in the next year, another major student move happened when the first purpose built school building opened as Al Khor International School also called AKIS allowing the vacated C-type units to be used by Dar Al Arqam for Islamic education of residents from multicultural backgrounds.

Today, AKIS offers the British curriculum, Central Board of Secondary Education (India) curriculum, and State of Qatar, Ministry of Education and Higher Education curriculum (Arabic, Qatar history, and Islamic studies) across four buildings with purpose-built facilities for over 4,000 students, making it one of the largest schools in Qatar.​

In 2002, the opening of the Community Administration building was celebrated and the Community Management team moved from A-17 a villa used during the interim period. Many of the facilities and services offered to residents back in those days moved into purpose built facilities, such as the Supermarket, Post Office and Bank. Also the Al Khor Community Medical Centre (AKCMC)  was inaugurated the same year and has grown over the years and seen its services expand to cope with the growth of the population. 

Over the years, much has happened with families come and go and children becoming teenagers, and teenagers adults starting families of their own, making Al Khor Community a remarkable place, slowly closing the gaps in cycle of life and becoming a sustainable society in a healthy environment.     


Club's Historical Facts

The history of Clubs started in 1997 with the opening of Al Dhakhira Club, which was then the Junior Staff Club shortly followed by the Al Khor Club (now the AKIS Infant School for CBSE Juniors) in 1998  serving residents as Senior Staff Club. In the summer of 1999, the then newly established Beach Club facility in Ras Laffan opened its gates for members use and at the end of the same year, we abandoned the differentiation between Junior and Senior Staff Clubs, making all Clubs accessible to employees and families regardless of their grading. Themed restaurants and food outlets were established to serve a growing number of residents from various ethnical backgrounds.

‘Damac Al Jazeera’ was the Club’s and Community’s first catering contractor and remained until 2002 and during their tenure with the Community, two further Clubs were opened, one being the Golf Club in Ras Laffan in 2001 and the other the Al Nakheel Club in early 2002.

‘Dolaimi/Ligabue’ catering company followed Damac and saw the opening of the Community’s biggest Club ‘Al Waha’ at the beginning of 2003. This year also saw the Al Khor Club close its doors and ceased to operate as a Club.

AKC HistoryWhen ‘Teyseer Catering Services’ took over in late 2003, all housing units were occupied. Since then, the Club use has increased steadily by users from both Al Khor and Doha. In 2006, the Youth Club was added to the Clubs portfolio and caters exclusively to the younger crowd. Our present catering contractor ‘Amwaj’ started in 2008 and since that date, we have witnessed an increase of more than 50% in the Community population. The Clubs usage has more than tripled since 2005 and forecasts indicate that demand on the Clubs and recreational facilities will increase further, along with the number of families residing in Al Khor Community.

Trip Down Memory Lane

Life here in the Community was not always so comfortable. It may come as a surprise to many that life here during the initial days was a far cry from the present scenario, the challenges faced by the pioneers were several. The ingenuity with which they made the best use of the limited facilities available, to make their life here enjoyable, is commendable. However we can proudly say that the environment has evolved from a place of hardship to a fully developed multicultural sustainable Community.