AKC Manager’s Note

​​​Welcome to the new Al Khor Community Website. 

AKC has seen a tremendous growth from its opening in 1996, and this new fully interactive website is another phase of that growth, aligned with our commitment to providing the best services to our residents. 

The AKC Management team is dedicated to working hard to sustain the highest standards or service. Our team is very proactive, and it is of paramount importance to us that we all live in a safe and secure environment. This is why we have introduced industry-leading Health, Safety and Environmental Events, such as 'Home Fire Safety Classes', the greatly successful 'SAHA' healthy lifestyle campaign, regular safety awareness campaigns, plus much much more to look forward to!

Our aim in the Community is to provide an exceptional atmosphere for our residents, with fully maintained villas or flats, beautiful landscaping, transportation links, and an array of leisure facilities and activities for young and old, meeting the educational, health, social and cultural needs of our multinational environment. 

The future for Al Khor Community looks bright as we increase in size, diversity and facilities. We are currently working on a number of expansion projects for the Community to be able to serve a larger population, including a Grand Mosque and other common facilities.

The Community, despite challenges, is committed to continuously improve all areas to ensure our residents "Experience Life Differently!"

- Hamad Al-Humaidi, Al Khor Community Manager