AKC Manager’s Note


Welcome to Al Khor Community Website

Al Khor Community (AKC) has been witnessing tremendous growth ever since it opened its gates to Qatargas employees in 1996 for the first time.  AKC is now home to  over 12, 000 residents.  

This website has been created to enhance communication and promote interaction among AKC residents and to facilitate provision of the best services. In addition, a wide range of topics including news updates, announcements and other useful information will be placed on this website. We believe that the website can act as a connecting link between the residents and AKC management by paving way for a two-way communication on all matters related to the well-being of the AKC residents.

AKC management's commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of services provided to the residents. It is of paramount importance that well all live in a safe and secure environment. With this in mind, we've introduced the best in class health, safety and environmental events such as Home Fire Safety Classes, SAHA healthy lifestyle campaign, regular safety awareness campaigns and much more.

The Community also provides amenities for the residents to unwind after a long day at work. These include spacious Club Houses where swimming pools, athletic tracks, fitness centers and gym provide the much-needed recreational space for the whole family.

Our aim is to provide an exceptional living atmosphere for our residents with fully maintained villas and apartments, beautiful landscaping and an array of leisure facilities and activities for all ages. This is also done by meeting the educational, health, social and cultural needs of our multinational, multi-cultural population.

AKC is committed to continuous  improvement in all areas of its services to ensure high quality lifestyle of our residents, in alignment with our moto: “Experience Life Differently."

Faisel Al Hajri
Al Khor Community Manager ​