The Al Khor Community Environment Department is committed to provide a healthy, clean and an environmentally friendly place to all residents and undertakes the responsibility for the collection of garbage and waste material within the Community such as in the Admin Building, Schools, Clubs, Al Dhakhira stations and other areas around Al Khor Community through the assigned contractors.

Admin Building

7:30am to 3:30pm Sunday to Thursday


Removal of waste materials
The AKC Environment team collects waste material such as furniture, wood, iron, plastics & glass from designated places and outside resident houses. All material dumped at the Al Dhakhira station will be collected by the contractor every Monday and Wednesday.

Removal of recycling material
The AKC environmental team collects recycling material such as paper, plastic bottles and cans from 45 stations around the Community and cartons from 7 stations near the schools, Admin building and the Clubs. The contractor's pick them up every Monday and Thursday.

Recycling Bins
The recycling bins are located at 45 stations around Al Khor Community and bins for cartons in 7 stations near the schools, Admin Building and the Clubs.​


    Pest Control
    Regular pest control services are provided throughout the year, please see the below schedule for all housing units in the Community. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment and would like to re-schedule or you require ad hoc services (stray animal and rodent removal, special pest fumigation etc.), please call the Assistant Entomologist at 70098258, the Lead/Site Supervisor at 30703225 or the Pest Control Team Leader at 50882717.       

    For any issues you may encounter with the AKC pest control contractor, kindly contact our Community Representative at 4473-4585.  View AKC Monthly Pest Control Schedule.pdf

      AKC Organic Waste Management 
      BiobIN_AKC Organic Waste Management.jpg