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About Us

About Us

The Al Khor Community is a vibrant, fast growing housing complex, offering excellent facilities to employees of Qatargas, RasGas and Al Khor International School (AKIS). Currently there are over 12,500 residents from 45 different nationalities residing in the Community which make us the largest housing community in Qatar. The Community is located in the north of Qatar and is an estimated half an hour's drive from the Ras Laffan Industrial City and a forty five minutes drive from Doha.

Our aim in the community is to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for each and every person and ensure that everybody is well looked after and cared for especially while family members are out at work.

The community administration takes care of the landscaping, maintenance, cleaning, safety, housing, transport and security, aspiring to make life as comfortable as possible for our residents. The Community boasts three main clubs, which contain recreational and conferencing facilities. Additionally there is a beach, golf and youth club.

The community also has a beauty salon, barber shop, library, gift shop, post office, parks, playgrounds, banks, laundry, five international restaurants, schools, skate park, recreational courts and a state of the art medical center.

The Al Khor Community is a safe and vibrant environment where residents enjoy a variety of leisure and recreational facilities.

Quick Facts

  1. The Al Khor Community currently houses over 12,500 residents
  2. The Al Khor Community consists of over 45 different nationalities
  3. The Al Khor Community is the largest housing community within the State of Qatar
  4. There are more than twenty active social and recreational committees within the Al Khor Community formed by various nationalities and groups
  5. There are seven swimming pools within the Al Khor community each less than a 1km radius from each residents home
  6. There is always something to do, each month there is an average of twenty social and recreational events taking place within the community
  7. The Al Khor Community boasts twenty five sports courts for various sporting activities
  8. The Al Khor Community has a dedicated recycling and environmental team ensuring the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle is implemented
  9. The Al Khor Community is the only fully self sufficient housing community in the state of Qatar with schools, medical centers, clubs, shops and much more
  10. The Al Khor Community hosts one of the largest Summer Camp in the State of Qatar


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